Since our inception in 1993, UGS has been involved in the dealership of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Working in synergy with our customers for mutually beneficial growth, we have and are still achieving zero-downtime, upholding our promise of on-time delivery and uninterrupted business flow for our customers.

We envision broadening our influence into providing a holistic pipeline of efficient and innovative energy solutions for our customers.

Today, we are an energy solution partner providing installation, consultation, equipment and gas to a wide spectrum of clients in the F&B industry.

UGS’ vision is to achieve the following:

“To look beyond LPG and grow Unique Gas into a company that constantly seeks to provide efficient and innovative energy solutions for our customers”

UGS endeavours to do the following:

  • To elevate and instill pride amongst our employees (including prospects) for their jobs and daily work
  • To keep our customers even closer as we grow the business
  • To constantly search for cost effective energy solutions for our customers
  • To establish and uphold uncompromising safety practices and standards for the LPG trade
  • To spread the safety message to users



Unique LP Gas Services acquired Ready Gas Company with a clientele of 2000 household customers a month


Our clientele grew to 8500 household customers a month


Started a new business entity called Unique Gas Trading to serve a commercial clientele. This is a highly entrepreneurial move as we started with no database of commercial customers.


Our sales volume grew by 75% yearly

1997 - 1999

Sold off Unique LP Gas Services as we wanted to focus our resources on the commercial market


Awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification. Received award for The Professional Enterprise Certification Scheme Achievers


Majority of coffee shop food chains in Singapore obtain their LPG supply from UGS. Changed our company name from Unique Gas Trading to UGS – UGS which better reflects our capability to offer turn-key services for gas, from piping installation to gas supply.


Rolled out new branding campaign to communicate our wider range of LPG solutions for a wider spectrum of customers

w.e.f Oct 2013  - Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) Transitioned fr BS 592021 to ISO 22301:2012


1993 – 1995

BP Quality Dealer Award

1995 - 2004

BP Top 10 Dealers Award

2002 - 2008

Shell Top Sales Diamond Award

2003 & 2004

Shell Champion of Commercial Specialists Competition


Singapore Business Superbrands Award


MD conferred the Public Service Medal (PBM) at the 2011 National Day Awards


Singapore Business Superbrands Award


Singapore Business Superbrands Award

Hawker Center & Coffee Shop Food Chain

China Town Hawker Center   People's Park Hawker Center   Hong Lim Hawker Center
Albert Complex Hawker Center   Teban Gardens Hawker Center   Broadway
Chang Cheng Mee Wah Coffeeshop   Kim San Leng   Kimly
Kofu   Kopitiam   Mr Tek Tarik



Bliss Garden Restaurant Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Lerk Thai Restaurant
Qian Xi Restaurant Roland Restaurant Seafood International
Si Chuan Dou Hua Sushi Tei Synergy In The Sky



Canadian Pizza L'Operetta Pizzeria Bar Old Town White Coffee
Sarpino's Pizzeria Nakhon Kitchen Thai Express
Xing Wang Hong Kong Café Yellow Submarine  

Catering to Different Kinds of Energy Needs

We provide on-time delivery of LPG gas cylinders to a wide range of F&B establishments. Regardless of your business and gas needs, UGS is able to supply you all your gas needs, big or small.

We envision broadening our influence into providing a holistic pipeline of efficient and innovative energy solutions for our customers.

Today, we are an energy solution partner providing installation, consultation, equipment and gas to a wide spectrum of clients in the F&B industry.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Business
through Zero-Downtime

With our special equipment, we will automatically be notified whenever your gas levels are low, allowing us to quickly replace them for uninterrupted business flow on your end.

Not only that, when it comes to burner servicing and delivery, our services are available 7 days a week, highlighting our promise for zero-downtime.

UGS is also the 1st and the only one in LPG industry to meet the requirements of the international quality Business Continuity Management System, thereby achieving ISO 22301:2014 certification.

This means that regardless of any major events such as virus threats like H1N1, SARS etc, UGS is prepared to undertake every measure to ensure UGS customers continue to get their gas supply and equipment serviced.

Moreover, we are a business partner to the 3 major oil companies in LPG industry of Singapore i.e. ExxonMobil, SingGas (ex- Shell Gas) and SunGas, you can be assured UGS will be able to obtain supply from any of our business partners in any event of shortage in LPG supply.

Flexibility Billing

We also offer flexible billing plans for customers to choose between meter reading or number of cylinders used.

One-Stop Solution

We provide end-to-end gas solutions for our trade customers from equipment installation to supply of LPG.

Our installations adhere strictly to SCDF’s strict safety regulations and the entire process is closely supervised by our engineers.

A Thorough and Safe Process

We first conduct comprehensive on-site inspections, before recommending and installing necessary piping and equipment.

After the installation works, tests are carried out and certified by professional engineers to ensure that all systems are functioning optimally and adhering to relevant government regulations and requirements.

We take pride in upholding integrity in our service standards. This has translated to an excellent track record in safety. Be it in materials (particularly in piping) or handling, staff is trained to ensure that safety is never compromised.

Cylinder Regulators

Compact Low Pressure Regulator

Compact Low Pressure Regulator

Inlet Connection:
Cylinder value ø 20.00mm

Model No.: 541
High Pressure Jumbo Regulator (552)

High Pressure Jumbo Regulator (552)

Model No.: 552
High Pressure Regulator

High Pressure Regulator

Inlet Connection:
Cylinder Vale 20.00mm

Model No.: HPR 20
High Pressure POL Regulator

High Pressure POL Regulator
Inlet Pressure: 160 – 1500 kPa
Outlet Pressure: 135 kPa
Outlet Connection: Hose Nipple ø 9.5mm
Model No.:

UGS at IP Week @ SG

UGS was highlighted by Trade and Industry Minister Lim Hng Kiang during Singapore's inaugural IP week in July 2012 During Singapore's inaugural IP week, Trade and Industry Minister Lim Hng Kiang specially highlighted UGS as a company that has benefited enormously from the strategic use of patents.
UGS has developed a customised software to reduce the time spent on data entry and administrative tasks. Delivery and service crews can access the application on the go via specially programmed PDAs. Productivity greatly improved, and customers enjoyed the fact that they can verify the billing on the spot.

UGS awarded Singapore Business Superbrands 2012

Serving the elderly at Jalan Kukoh with Dr Lily Neo, MP of Tanjong Pagar GRC

Together with Dr Lily Neo, our staff spent a meaningful day each in Nov and Dec to conduct gas checks at rental units occupied by elderlies.

Channel News Asia - 2011
Branded For Success
UGS Television Commercial Channel News Asia - July 2012
IP Week Media Highlight

Superbrands 2012
Singapore Strongest B2B Brands
A feature article by Superbrands on UGS
Singapore’s Strongest B2B Brands


Fire Safety Tips

DO NOT leave cooking unattended. Flame could be extinguished whilst still producing gas. When that happens, gas accumulates and combusts when you try to ignite it again.

DO light your stove immediately after the cooker knob is turned on. Although LPG gas is not toxic, it can lead to dire consequences that include fire combustion or suffocation if in enclosed area.

DO NOT place combustible or flammable items near your stove. This includes your cooking oil, foam plates, newspaper, flame ignitor, etc.

DO shut off gas supply valve instead of burner switch at the end of the day to ensure gas supply is fully cut off from source to hose. This prevents any potential gas leaks.

DO watch out for electrical sources that may ignite a fire. This includes live wires and overloaded powerpoints

DO use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire, and NEVER use water. Using water could aggravate the fire, especially if the source is oil-based.

Energy Saving Tips

Save energy by focusing on highest heat value.
A flame’s highest heat value is located at its tip. Therefore, ensure that the tip of the flame is touching the bottom of your pot for maximum heat.

Save energy during off-peak periods. Lower your flame to save on fuel and start boiling your soups / broth 5 to 10 minutes before peak period starts.

Always cover your pot when boiling broth/water to ensure heat is trapped and less gas is used to maintain the soup’s temperature.

Save energy by shortening boiling period. When topping-up, use a smaller pot to boil broth/water then add it to your large pot. Water will boil faster within a shorter time and use less fuel in the process.

Do not expose the stove’s flame to strong winds which will blow flames sideways, reducing actual heat value that is in contact with the pot.


DO ensure you work with an SCDF-approved LPG provider like UGS, who will apply for the necessary licenses for operation.

Working without the proper licensing will lead to dire consequences
(eg: insurance not claimable in case of fire, jail time and business shut down, etc)
1. Why choose UGS?

Reliable. Having an established foothold in the commercial sector, we understand the need for smooth, undisrupted operations to avoid any unforeseen loss of revenue or additional costs. With our advanced technologies and experienced personnel, we at UGS do our best to ensure an uninterrupted supply of gas for your businesses.

Integrity. UGS believes strongly in honesty and looks to build long-term relationships with you. Our apparatus and gas equipment are designed with the highest precision to give accurate gas meter readings. As this forms the basis for our pricing, you can be assured that you will be charged fairly.

Service. We understand the importance of ensured convenience for our clients and thus guarantee emergency maintenance service within 24 hours of any service request. We will work to the best of our ability to minimise turnaround time to avoid any disruptions to your operations.

Expertise. Our experienced team leaders are here to assist you with any LPG supply or appliance problems all day.
We love to hear from you. Please contact us at our hotline for enquiries on our products & services and for sales quotations. You may also give us your feedback. Our team is always available to answer you.

UGS Pte Ltd

16 Defu Lane 9 Singapore 539257
Hotline: 6382 6663

Alternatively, you may fill up the enquiry form, briefly describing your enquiry or feedback.


We believe in empowering our staff and developing them to reach their potential. We reward good performances, training and career opportunities across all levels.

If you are passionate about the LPG industry and are interested to join us, please send your resume to, stating your desired job position, qualifications and work experience. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.